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Content Marketing

Drive organic traffic to your website with flawless implementation of Google E-E-A-T guidelines.

  • Content & SEO Strategy
  • Content Writing 
  • Content Publishing & Distribution
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Email Marketing

Nurture relationships and generate revenue on auto-pilot with email and automation.

  • Email Copywriting
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing Automation 
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Funnels & Landing Pages

Improve conversions with landing pages, sales pages, and CRO services. 

  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing & Sales Funnels 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

MarTech Services

Leverage the power of MarTech to accelerate growth.

  • Chat Bots
  • Referral & Affiliate Programs
  • Paid Campaigns

Why 7-8 Figure Course Creators Trust Us

Before Copypower Media, we sent out a bland email each week that was getting less and less reads. Now that we use their services we send out unique and engaging emails that more of our list actually reads. Honestly….”they have an amazing ability to adapt to the needs of your organization.

They are a great team, they are agile and able to help in ways you would not expect. That said, expect to pay close to what you would pay an American counterpart. But, they are worth it.”

Rob Burdick

Rob Burdick

Co-founder & COO, Drone U

“Rishi & his team doubled our sales in six months. The reason I continue working with them over the years is that they are trustworthy in a time when that is difficult to find.”

Joy Haley

Joy Haley

Founder, All CRNA Schools

“Rishi and his team do the heavy lifting of email marketing, freeing up small business owners to focus on the part of business that lights them up.”

Jeff Clayborn

Jeff Clayborne

Country Musician

“Rishi and his team did a damn fine job with our emails and automations. They get our biz and our client issues better than anyone else we have worked with. Love working with them.”

Steve DeLima

Steve De Lima

Marketing Director,
Leave Management Solutions

“I have hired the best copywriters for my email campaigns but yours are the only email that have performed for us so far.”

Ash Bhattacharya

Ash Bhattacharya

Founder & CEO, Autis Mag

“We had a pretty solid launch and the emails are just killing it! Thank you for all your efforts.”

Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman

Founder, Crunchtime Coaching

“The story email you did did pretty well. All our spots are sold out and the response we have been getting is over the top.”

Tim Fitzgerald

Tim Fitzgerald

Founder, Human Optimization Center

Success Stories

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CRNA Schools

An Info-publisher Doubled Their Revenue With Email Newsletters


A Tennis Course Product Launch Sequence Converted at 6.45%

100% of Appointments Booked for a Wellness Center in San Francisco


2.23x New Membership Growth for a Drone Training Company

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