ActiveCampaign Pricing [2022] – Which Plan is Best For You?

In this article, we’ll compare ActiveCampaign pricing and plans against each other. Find out what plan is best for you! 

ActiveCampaign is another one of our favorite email marketing services out there. We’ve had excellent experiences with ActiveCampaign’s customer service, reports, and automation. Which of their four different plans would we suggest? And, in the long run, will it bring you the most bang for your buck as your subscriber base grows?

Let’s look at ActiveCampaign pricing and plans to figure out which active campaign pricing tier is best for your needs.

Overview of Active Campaign Pricing and what each plan offers

ActiveCampaign Pricing – Overview

ActiveCampaign pricing has four plans: Lite (from $15 per month), Plus (from $70 per month), Professional (from $159 per month), and Enterprise (from $279 per month).

The entry-level plan includes all the features you need to run your email marketing – campaigns, automation, templates, and reporting. Higher plans include a CRM, lead scoring, and advanced analytics. There are no set-up fees.

They don’t have a free plan, but you may test out the service for 14 days without paying anything if you sign up for an account. You can also take advantage of their free migrations offer when you become a paid subscriber. To determine which plan is ideal for you, please see our detailed price breakdown comparison below.

ActiveCampaign Pricing & Plan – A Detailed Breakdown

ActiveCampaign pricing based on features

Email Marketing AutomationYesYesYesYes
Templates and design editorYesYesYesYes
Landing page builderYesYesYesYes
Reporting & SegmentationYesYesYesYes
Social media integrationYesYesYesYes
Advanced Forms (Modals, Floating Bar & Box)NoYesYesYes
Newsletter inbox previewPaid5 free a month5 free a monthUnlimited
Sends SMSNoYesYesYes
Custom SMS sending numberNoNoNoYes
Shows ActiveCampaign logoYes (in non-HTML forms)NoNoNo
Attribution metricsNoNoYesYes
On-site messagesNoNoYesYes
Social dataOptional – PaidOptional – PaidYesYes
API & WebhooksYesYesYesYes
Custom DomainNoYesYesYes
Free migration servicesYesYesYesYes
Email & Live Chat supportYesYesYesYes
Phone support and personalized helpNoNoNoYes
Uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement)NoNoNoYes
1 to 1 trainingNo1 month3 monthsForever

ActiveCampaign Pricing Based on List Size

500 users$15 a month$70 a month$159 a month$279 a month
2,500 users$55 a month$125 a month$159 a month$279 a month
5,000 users$99 a month$169 a month$239 a month$449 a month
10,000 users$155 a month$249 a month$349 a month$499 a month
25,000 users$259 a month$399 a month$599 a monthRequest a quote
50,000 users$345 a monthRequest a quoteRequest a quoteRequest a quote
100,000 users$505 a monthRequest a quoteRequest a quoteRequest a quote

Optional Add-on

In addition to the standard feature associated with each plan, Active Campaign has an add-on feature you can optionally purchase with any plan. The beauty of the add-ons is that there is no need to purchase a higher-level plan to use it.


The conversation is an add-on that may be purchased on all plans. You can communicate with your subscribers both through chat and email, and everything is kept in one inbox. Conversations presently have web chat, email, and Facebook Messenger channels. According to ActiveCampaign, more channels are in the pipeline but there is no mention of what channels will be available and when.

Why is this feature useful?

Conversations can help you meaningfully interact with your customers in the most appropriate channel at the most convenient time. You can use this feature with ActiveCampaign automation to customize the customer experience based on their journey.

Price: $19/user/month

Summary of ActiveCampaign Pricing and Plans

Here’s what we’d advise each plan for, based on everything we have talked about so far.

Lite Plan: This is a great option for small teams. It allows for only three users, but it provides all of the sophisticated email automation, design alternatives, and social media integration that you could ask for. You’ll get a far more advanced offering than most of its competitors in the same price range.

It is also worth noting that Lite does not remove ActiveCampaign branding from certain components such as forms and confirmation emails.


But if you add your forms via HTML, you can easily hide the branding. Hence, this isn’t a serious limitation. We are using this plan for our agency Copypower Media and we are in love with it.

ActiveCampaign Plus plan: The Plus plan is better suited for companies looking for a CRM to manage their leads and sales pipeline. It also supports a bigger team. You can add up to 25 users to your account.

And that’s not all. The Plus plan comes with quite a few important features such as:

  • Landing Pages: You can create unlimited landing pages thereby saving cost on buying a landing page builder
  • SMS: You can send text messages to your customers. Plus plan receives 25 free SMS credits per month. Additional credits can be purchased anytime.
  • Custom Domain: You can use a custom domain for your links.
  • Conditional Blocks: You can customize email content using IF-then-Else conditions. This can be very useful if you are sending the same email to a different set of audiences with a minor change in the email content.

Professional Plan: Starting at $159 per month, this is a steep increase in price from the Plus plan but it comes with some incredibly powerful features. It includes 50 user accounts, personalized site communications, and in-depth attribution analysis to help you understand marketing performance from various channels. The three important features that stand out in this plan are:

  • Split Automations: You can split-test within your automation to find out which emails are performing better.
  • Sales Engagement Automation: Send alerts to your sales team and your customers using one-to-one emails
  • Conversion Reporting: If you want to quickly see conversions from your email channel without going into Google Analytics, this feature can be extremely handy.

Enterprise plan: For firms with a large budget and the resources to pay for it, the Enterprise Plan comes with all the bells and whistles you could expect from a complete marketing and sales automation suite. Advanced features such as the capability to customize your own email server domain, unlimited user accounts, and custom reporting are all included. You also receive a unique phone number for sending SMS, phone support, and unlimited one-on-one training. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will help you with email strategy, deliverability, and much more.


Many popular email marketing services offer a free-for-life plan but Active Campaign doesn’t provide that. The lite plan of Active Campaign starts from $15/month and this can put some people off. You can certainly find cheaper options if all you need is a simple email newsletter service. Another challenge with Active Campaign is its advanced features can feel overwhelming especially if you are new to email marketing automation. It may seem a little hard to use at first.

However, if you’re serious about email marketing automation, ActiveCampaign is our go-to recommendation. Their prices are fair, and larger businesses will benefit from more sophisticated technologies, multi-platform support, and personalized training at a fair price.

Active Campaign integrates with 870+ platforms and services including WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce making it an ideal choice for any business or agency looking to grow its list or increase sales through targeted emails.

Besides, it is user-friendly and you can get used to it pretty quickly.

They’re also efficient when it comes to keeping track of subscriber count. You may simply segment and delete inactive users without worrying about exceeding your usage limit.

ActiveCampaign Pricing FAQs

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