Case Study

3x Increase in Email Attributed Revenue for a Sports Accessories Brand


The client is a reputed Archery Gear brand serving professional and hobbyist archers in the United States.


Email marketing revenue share stood at 10.28% of the total revenue leaving a lot to be desired.

Services Offered

  • Email Marketing Strategy & Audit
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Email Copy and Design
  • Email Campaign Management

Performance Summary

Klaviyo Attributed Revenue Increased by 260%
Average Open Rate 34%
Average Click Rate 1.7%


The first thing Copypower Media team did was to audit their email marketing program to identify gaps and opportunities.

Email Marketing Audit

Copypower Media team conducted a detailed analysis of client’s campaigns and automation. Our audit start with the usual suspects:

  1. The welcome flow
  2. The abandoned cart flow
  3. The browse abandonment flow 
  4. Broadcast campaigns sent in the past 12 months

Audit: The Welcome Flow

A wiseman once said – “The devil is in the detail”. We say that the “magic is in the details.” We observed several small yet significant issues in the welcome flow such as:

  • Flow filters were set up incorrectly. For instance we noticed that “Placed order zero time since the beginning of this flow” in the flow filter was missing.
  • A mixed welcome flow for first time buyers and repeat customers resulting in confusion.
  • The welcome flow emails didn’t build relationships. The brand promise and value proposition wasn’t communicated effectively.
  • An absence of progressive messaging and prominently displayed offer banners in the emails
  • Inconsistent email on mobile devices
  • Overuse of CTAs making the email suscptaible to spam complaints

Audit: Abandoned Cart Flow

Klaviyo makes it really easy for anyone to implement an abandoned cart sequence. But the reality is – it takes a lot of skills to do it right. Here are a few observations in the abandoned cart flow that were a deal breaker:

  • The email content didn’t build shopper confidence with messaging such as free shipping, warranty and returns.
  • The dynamic block and CTA were not optimised for mobile
  • The emails in the abandoned cart email series looked alike without any noticeable difference in messaging
  • Reviews in all three abandoned cart emails were all the same.

Audit: Browse Abandonment Flow

  • The email banner lacked in catch message
  • The dynamic image in the email needed optimization
  • Product recommendations were missing
  • There was only one email in the abandoned cart flow instead of the recommended frequency of 3 emails over a period of 5-7 days

Audit: Klaviyo Pop-up

  • The pop-up for mobile and desktop were same resulting in a sub-optimal user experience
  • The pop-up design needed a better approach for better conversions
  • CTA inside the pop up didn’t add value
  • The exit intent in desktop mode was missing
  • Coupon code in thank you screen reduced the open rate and conversion from email
  • Product image inside the pop-up wasn’t readable and CTA color wasn’t matching

Audit: Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Campaign approach can be more focused on conversion.
  • Educational campaign with product focus were missing Strategic and targetted email campaigns were missing such as: Best sellers, New arrivals, product of the month, Sale campaigns, product focus discounts, Website offers etc. Campaigns needed attractive banners with right messaging and offers Click rate could be improved by adding CTA in banner

Audit: Other Observations

We also discovered during the audit that important flows were missing, such as:

  • Post Purchase: Thank you for purchase email with recommendation is starting point of communication with new customers
  • Upsell and cross-sell emails based on the product category they purchased from
  • Add to cart: A well thought out add to cart flow with 3 emails in a span of 4 days
  • The email campaigns were not sent at a regular interval resulting in the list becoming cold.
  • SMS marketing was entirely missing in the marketing mix

Email Marketing Recommendations

Based on our comprehensive email audit, we prepared a benchmark report for client’s email marketing and compared those with Klaviyo’s established benchmark for sports and outdoor industry. Upon comparing with Klaviyo’s benchmark performance report, we came up with a few insights and recommendations:

Insights & Recommendations

Based on the study of email marketing benchmark, we came up with a few insights and recommendations:

  • Both emails and flows had good open rates but poor click through and conversion rates. This clearly demonstrates the grap in conversion focused content. The need to revamp email content was identified as the highest priority. Redesign welcome flow in a structured format with 3 sets of emails
  • Optimize and rework on Pop-up
  • Post purchase flow with right messaging and recommendations 
  • Checkout flow restructuring
  • Add to Cart
  • Revamp Product abandonment flow with 2 more emails
  • Send strategic email campaigns each month with specific focus on product, offers, or other events
  • Add smart sending in emails where necessary to reduce unsubscribe and spam rate in flows
  • Once the first 7 items are complete, focus on Winback, Predictive buyer, VIP, cross-sell and up-sell flows

Market Research and Email Marketing Strategy

Copypower Media team came up with a comprehensive email marketing strategy and a 3 month plan. We implemented the plan in 3 stages starting with the Welcome Flow and Abandoned Cart flow in the first month.

A dedicated campaign manager was assigned to the client with a clear focus on improving the target KPIs.

Brainstorming Session

Through brainstorming sessions with client and their team, we tried to understand the business and customer dynamics. Here are a few questions we tend to ask during the brainstorming session:

  • Do you have a documented customer profile or market research doc?
  • Tell us more about your target audience? Are they beginner, intermediate, or experts? What are their key attributes?
  • What’s the key motivation to buy these products? What are the core desires of your customers?
  • What are their limiting beliefs that might prevent them from buying our products?
  • What are the empowering benefits that can move them forward with buying?
  • What’s the typical customer journey? 

Customer Persona & Market Matrix

We dive deeper into the psychology of the consumer and understand their core desires and emotional triggers. This allows us to tailor our messaging that has an immediate impact. The desire diagram tells us a lot about the key motivators of the customer and the ways we can tap into their buying power. We also try to understand the buying behaviour and customer journey.

Here are a few questions we try to answer:

  • What are the 3-6 core desires of the market? These will form the “content buckets” you can pull from for email ideas.
  • What is the #1 topic the audience wants to learn… and no matter how much info you provide about this topic, they’ll always want to learn more?
  • What does your Perfect Client’s journey look like as they become more aware about their problem and your solution?
  • “Who” the market is? What are their interests, goals, dreams and desires?
  • People buy products to move away from a problem and to go towards a happy result. Answer these questions to determine the ideal outcome they are trying to achieve.
  • What does a customer’s life look like BEFORE they start using the product? What are the external things happening in their world along with all the internal thoughts and demons they’re struggling with that they keep inside.

Email Marketing Execution

The email marketing campaigns and automations were implemented in 3 stages starting with the most critical flows such as Welcome flow, abandoned checkout flow followed by post purchase flow and broadcast email campaigns.

The Welcome Flow

Copypower Media came up a 3-step welcome flow that resonates with the brand promise and value proposition.

Right in the first week, the welcome sequence generated a decent amount of new orders generating $3.37 per recipient. 

The Abandoned Cart Flow

Keeping in mind the Klaviyo best practcies, we came up with a 3-step abandoned checkout follow as shown below:

After implementing the Abandoned Cart Sequence, the client saw a 3945.42% jump in the abandoned cart recovery.

Post Purchase Flow

The post purchase flow was implemented in two stages. Post order flow and post delivery flow. This allowed for more room for personalization during each step of the post purchase process.

Email Campaigns & Promotions

On top of email a Email campaigns were also sent to the entire audience during festive seasons such as Memorial Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.


Using a combination of high converting email copy and meticulous implementation of Klaviyo flows, the client’s Klaviyo Attributed Revenue increased by 260%.

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