Case Study

Tripling Conversions with an Optimized Sales Page & Marketing Automation


The client is a prominent info-marketer specializing in the career space for ICU nurses. They have enjoyed a decade of success with their flagship product, the School Finder. 

Despite its popularity, the client faced a substantial challenge – a low conversion rate among new subscribers. Their info-product was not generating the revenue it deserved, with only 4% of new subscribers making a purchase.


The client’s School Finder had a strong reputation in the industry, yet the conversion rate for new subscribers was alarmingly low, lingering in single digits. The client recognized the need to get specialized help in helping improve conversion rates on the school finder.

Services Offered

  • Email Automation Strategy
  • Email Copy
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Landing Page Design and Implementation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


Copypower Media devised a two step solution to address the problem:

1. Build a high-converting sales page
When Team Copypower Media anaylized the existing marketing stack, they discovered a substantial room for improvement in the sales page. The sales page could be improved with a stronger headline, and providing specific information about the product with facts and proof.

2. Create a 7-part welcome email series
The objective of this series was twofold: to build trust with the new subscribers and to educate them about the capabilities and benefits of the School Finder.

2. Create a 7-part welcome email series
The objective of this series was twofold: to build trust with the new subscribers and to educate them about the capabilities and benefits of the School Finder.

Email Automation Strategy and Implementation

Copypower Media formulated a strategic plan to automate the communication with new subscribers. The 7-part welcome email series was carefully designed to gradually nurture the relationship between the brand and the subscribers. Each email in the series had a specific purpose and message, collectively guiding the reader toward the eventual purchase decision.

  • Email 1: A personal story behind creating the product
  • Email 2: A common problem and (presenting the product as) the solution
  • Email 3: Debunking a common myth about a common challenge
  • Email 4: Client story
  • Email 5: Highlight an important product feature and it’s benefits
  • Email 6: Remove common objections with Q&A
  • Email 7: Fear of missing out

Email Copy

Crafting compelling and informative content was paramount. The emails not only introduced the subscribers to the School Finder but also highlighted its value in their careers. These emails were meticulously tailored to resonate with the target audience.

Landing Page Copy, Design, & Implementation

Landing Page was another critical component of success. People who clicked on the link to buy the product must find the information compelling and comprehensive without boring the reader. We identify three key components of the landing page:

The Promise
This main headline and hero section should communicate the big promise and immediately benefits to the page visitor without any confusion or overwhelm. 

The Proof
There should be enough evidence for the reader to believe in the promise. The middle of the landing page not only offered specific features with screenshots of the product but also displayed testimonials from past students. This reinforces the believability in the product.

Call to Action
The user must act NOW and make their purchase so the Call to Action must be designed in a way that instigate action. In thie section, we decided to simply reenforce the benefits, display money back guarantee, and the trust elements so that the visitor makes a purchase decision with confidence.

The Results

As soon as we implemented the automated welcome sequence and the new sales page the results were immediate.

Email Open Rate: The cumulative open rate stood at an impressive 66.34%. This indicated that the email series successfully captured the attention of the subscribers, making them engage with the content.

Click Rate: The cumulative click rate reached 19.62%, showcasing the effectiveness of the content in driving subscribers to take action, explore the product, and learn more.

Conversions: The most striking outcome was the increase in conversions. The percentage of new subscribers purchasing the School Finder surged from 4% to a remarkable 12.5%, nearly tripling the initial conversion rate.

Performance Summary

  • Email Open Rate (Cumulative): 66.34%
  • Click Rate (Cumulative): 19.62%
  • Conversions: 24%


This case study illustrates how a well-planned email automation strategy and high converting sales page can have a substantial positive impact revenues. By addressing the initial challenge of low conversions, the client was able to not only significantly increase sales but also foster deeper relationships with their subscribers, resulting in long-term brand loyalty. The success of this campaign is a testament to the power of strategic email marketing in boosting revenue and enhancing customer relationships.

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