Case Study

Doubling a Drone Training Provider's Traffic With Google E-A-A-T Guidelines


The client is a drone training provider operating out of Denver, Colorado, offering online and on-site training for aspiring drone pilots.


The client faced a challenging dilemma – their website had stagnated for years, with declining rankings.

Services Offered

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Writing & Publishing
  • On-page SEO

SEO Audit

The first step was conducting a thorough SEO audit to understand the site’s history. Two specific issues emerged out of the audit:

Declining Rankings: The client’s website had experienced a noticeable drop in search engine rankings, primarily due to the Google Core Algorithm Update in May.

Thin and Duplicate Content: An extensive SEO audit revealed a significant problem with thin and duplicate pages that lacked substantial content.


Easy Wins First

Our strategy began with optimizing existing pages that were close to ranking but had not yet reached top positions. Through an “easy wins” analysis, we identified keywords and pages that met specific criteria:

Positions 4-30
Difficulty less than 30
Minimum CPC of 0.01

By targeting these under-optimized pages, we aimed to boost their rankings and increase traffic. In this case, we found 106 potential targets, primarily located at the bottom of the first page through the third page.

As a result of our efforts, several keywords experienced remarkable improvements. Some examples include:

“Advanced Drone Training” moved from page 2 to the top spot on page 1.
“Online Drone Pilot Course” climbed from page 3 to page 1.
“Best Drone Training Program” also advanced from page 3 to page 1.

Competitive Gap Analysis: Seizing Opportunities

Our next step involved identifying keywords that competitors were targeting, but our client had yet to explore. This approach allowed us to strategically build out content for high-traffic keyword opportunities. Over the course of the next six months, we continued to optimize the website and published articles targeting these keywords.

A Remarkable Turnaround

When we took over the project, the website was generating 5,096 monthly visitors. Over the span of six months, our efforts resulted in a significant traffic increase, with the monthly visitor count reaching 10,416. This represents a 196% surge in organic traffic.


Our managed SEO services played a pivotal role in driving consistent monthly growth in organic traffic and traffic value. The integration of our Website Traffic Checker allowed our client to closely monitor their progress. Our strategy primarily centered around creating high-quality content and optimizing existing pages with better keywords and enhanced content.

The results are strikingly evident in the various metrics we tracked:

  • The website’s backlinks increased significantly
  • Organic keywords saw a substantial boost
  • Organic traffic doubled
  • Traffic value consistently improved over the course of the project

In conclusion, our dedicated and strategic SEO efforts led to the recovery of our client’s organic traffic, the elevation of numerous keywords to the first page of search results, and a remarkable 196% increase in organic traffic.

This case study highlights the transformative power of well-executed SEO strategies and their potential to revitalize online businesses.

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