Case Study

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies Boost B2B Office Sign Sales


Based in Mississippi, United States, the client owned a B2B e-commerce website selling do-it-yourself office signs. The company’s primary target audience is HR Managers, operations manager, office assistant and facility manager.


Email marketing revenue stagnated for years resulting in a substantial loss of opportunity for the client.

Services Offered

  • Email Marketing Strategy & Audit
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Email Copy and Design
  • Email Campaign Management


After conducting a through audit, team Copyower Media team came up with a five step email marketing plan as below:

  • List clean up and segmentation
  • On-site retargeting
  • Inactive customer reactivation
  • Segmented email automation
  • Weekly newsletters

1. List clean up and segmentation

Copypower Media identified the need to organize the list and use a better email marketing platform specifically geared towards e-commerce .

  • Synced customer data with Klaviyo email marketing software.
  • Segmented customers based on order value, purchase frequency, and product type.
  • Improved data management for targeted marketing efforts.

2. On-Site Retargeting:

Next we focused on implementing pop-up to increase conversions rate of non-buyers and window shoppers.

  • Recognized less than 1% conversion rate on the website.
  • Implemented on-site retargeting using Picreel exit popup.
  • Offered a $20 discount to exiting visitors.
  • Followed up with a three-step email sequence.
  • Achieved an 11% increase in sales.

3. Reactivating Inactive Customers:

Copypower Media discovered that there were 2,353 dormant customers. This represented a significant revenue opportunity for the company.

  • Launched a reactivation campaign offering a free product in exchange for a testimonial.
  • Sent discount coupons after testimonials, resulting in increased sales.
  • Received positive testimonials for website use.

4. Segmented Email Automation

We realized the opportunity to market with automated flows targeting specific segments.

  • Segmented email marketing campaigns targeting specific product categories.
  • Targeted customers who had not purchased a particular product type.
  • Offer a 10% discount on specific products.
  • Achieved an 8% response rate and increased average order value.

5. Weekly Newsletters:

Finally, we continued to build upon a strong foundation of email marketing by nuturing Stronger Relationships with Subscribers:

  • Content-led approach increased readership and sales.
  • Featured weekly newsletters with engaging content.
  • Focused on delivering valuable content.
  • Gave away a free book to subscribers.
  • Included a mega product footer to increase product visibility.

Upon implementing the above strategy, the client’s monthly revenue increased by 158% resulting in a remarkable improvement in bottomline.

Performance Summary

  • Email attributed Revenue: 33%
  • Monthly sales increased by 158%
  • Average open rate: 33%
  • Average Click Rate: 2.1%


Data-driven marketing strategies, including segmentation, retargeting, engaging content, and customer reactivation, significantly increased sales and customer lifetime value for the B2B office sign platform. .

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