A Complete Guide to Klaviyo SMS Marketing

Klaviyo SMS Marketing Guide

Did you know? Nearly two-thirds of Americans check their phones 160 times a day.

According to recent SMS marketing statistics, 41% of consumers don’t mind their favorite brands sending them updates via text.

Combine SMS Marketing with Klaviyo’s customer data, and you’ve got a powerful marketing combo at your fingertips.

Klavyio has evolved its SMS marketing capabilities to a great extent and businesses can ignore it at their own peril.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Klaviyo SMS marketing and show you how to unlock its power to level up your marketing game.

Understanding Klaviyo SMS Marketing

Klaviyo offers an extremely hassle-free interface to send text messages. Simply create the campaign type and create your SMS campaign in seconds.

But there is a certain amount of background work needed before you send your first SMS campaign. To do that, let’s try to understand the nuts and bolts of Klaviyo email marketing.

What is Klaviyo SMS Marketing?

With Klaviyo SMS marketing, you get a robust messaging service that integrates with your e-commerce store. With Klaviyo, you can send targeted, personalized text messages to your subscribers. This could include anything from promotional messages and discounts to shipping notifications and order confirmations.

Key Features of Klaviyo SMS Marketing

Automated Flows: One of the most powerful features of Klaviyo SMS marketing is the ability to create automated flows that trigger messages based on subscriber behavior.

For example, when a customer abandons their cart or makes a purchase, Klaviyo can follow up with a relevant text message to encourage them to take further action.

Flows in Klaviyo SMS Marketing | Credit: Klaviyo

Personalization: Klaviyo also offers a lot of personalization that allows you to tailor your messages based on the audience. This includes the use of dynamic content such as the subscriber’s name, location, or purchase history.

Personalizing SMS/MMS | Credit: Klaviyo

Benefits of Using Klaviyo for SMS Marketing

If you have an e-commerce store, using Klavyo SMS marketing can be a game changer. Here are a few benefits:

Mix and Match: You can easily max and match your email campaigns with SMS to get better results. So if your subscriber missed the email, they still receive your message via SMS.

Leverage Klaviyo’s rich data: When you use Klaviyo’s SMS marketing, you can leverage the rich customer data to create extremely personalized text messages. Something you will find harder to do using third-party SMS platforms. This can help to create a more engaging and personalized experience that is more likely to resonate with customers.

Direct communication: SMS marketing provides a direct channel of communication with your customers that is highly visible and has a high open rate. Unlike email, which can often get lost in a crowded inbox, text messages are more likely to be seen and read by customers.

Optimize: Klaviyo provides data and insights that can be used to optimize campaigns over time. You can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions by tracking metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Overall, Klaviyo SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses connect with their customers in a more meaningful and effective way.

That being said – it is important to understand the type of SMS Marketing messages you can send using Klaviyo.

The 3 Types of SMS Marketing Messages You Can Send

You can use Klaviyo SMS marketing to send three kinds of messages:

  1. Promotional SMS
  2. Transactional SMS
  3. Conversational SMS

Let’s talk about each of these types briefly.

Promotional SMS Marketing

Promotional SMS Marketing | Credit: MessageMedia

Promotional SMS marketing involves sending targeted text messages to customers to promote products, offers, or updates. You can send personalized text messages, segment your audience, automate workflows, and track campaign performance. You can engage with customers by sending timely promotions, and drive sales. It is important to note that compliance with regulations and obtaining proper consent are essential when using Klaviyo for promotional SMS marketing.

Transactional SMS Marketing

Transactional SMS | Credit: Attentive

Specific customer actions, such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, delivery updates, or password reset requests typically trigger transactional SMS messages. These messages provide essential and time-sensitive information to customers regarding their transactions or account activities.

With Klaviyo, you can automate transactional SMS messages based on predefined triggers or events.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), is crucial when implementing transactional SMS marketing. You need to maintain compliance by providing features like opt-in and opt-out processes, as well as the ability to manage Do-Not-Contact lists.

Conversational SMS marketing

Conversational SMS | Credit: Cartloop

Conversational SMS marketing involves engaging customers through interactive and personalized text message conversations using the Klaviyo platform. Unlike traditional one-way SMS marketing, conversational SMS focuses on fostering two-way communication between your business and customers. It allows you to send messages that prompt customers to respond, initiating a conversation. These conversations can be used for various purposes, such as answering customer inquiries, providing product recommendations, or offering personalized assistance.

And here’s the beauty of Klaviyo’s conversational SMS campaigns.

You can segment your audience and target specific groups with tailored conversational SMS campaigns. By leveraging customer data, such as purchase history or preferences, you can bring life to your marketing with relevant and engaging conversations.

So how do you get started with Klaviyo SMS marketing? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about in the next section.

Setting Up Klaviyo SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is governed by privacy laws and regulations. If you send text messages to customers without their consent, you could end up in unpleasant legal trouble.

So it is important to set up Klaviyo SMS marketing in compliance with the regulations. This brings us to the first step.

Enabling SMS Marketing in Your Checkout

You need to enable the SMS marketing consent checkbox in your Checkout. For instance, if you are using Shopify, it offers a built-in ability to update your terms and conditions and then allow customers to opt-in to your text messages. You can enable it by going into your Shopify account > Checkout settings.

Shopify Settings for Klaviyo SMS Marketing

Set up Your Pop-up/Lead Capture Form to Collect Mobile Number

Next, you might want to set up your lead capture form to collect SMS. Simply navigate to the Klaviyo Sign-up forms, and end your pop-up to enable the phone number field. Make sure you include a link to your updated privacy policy.

Also, I highly recommend adding a second step to enter the phone number. It will be less intimidating to the customer and bring more conversion.

Remember, it’s important to ensure that your subscribers have opted in to receive text messages from you and that you provide a way for them to easily opt out if they no longer wish to receive messages.

To encourage sign-ups, consider offering a special promotion or discount to new subscribers.

Segmenting Your Audience for Targeted Campaigns

To achieve maximum impact with your SMS marketing campaigns, it’s important to segment your audience well. This allows you to send targeted messages to specific subscribers based on their behavior or interests.

For example, you might create a segment of subscribers who have purchased in the last 30 days and send them a special promotion for a related product.

This brings us to the big question..how do you make your SMS marketing campaigns more effective?

Well, we have learned a lot from our experience serving clients, and here are a few handy tips.

Tips for Creating Effective SMS Marketing Campaigns

Crafting an effective SMS marketing campaign requires more than just sending out a few messages.

Here are a few important tips to drive better results.

Writing Compelling SMS Copy

One of the most important aspects of a successful SMS marketing campaign is the messaging itself. Due to the limitations of text messaging, it’s important to keep your messages concise and to the point while still delivering value to your customers. This might involve crafting attention-grabbing headlines, providing exclusive offers, or using emojis to add personality to your messages.

When writing your SMS copy, it’s important to keep your target audience in mind. What are their pain points? What are their interests and hobbies? Tailor your message based on your audience’s needs, desires, and wants of your target audience and you’ll see better conversions.

Here are a few examples:

Example 1: Price Drop SMS

Price Drop SMS | Source: messente.com

Example 2: Restock Campaign

Restock Campaign SMS | Source: cartloop.com

Example 3: Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback SMS | Source: messagemedia.com

Personalizing Your Messages with Dynamic Content

Personalization goes beyond just using your subscriber’s name in the message. Klaviyo provides a range of tools that allow you to personalize your messages using dynamic content. This includes using subscriber data to reference their purchase history or location, or including personalized product recommendations based on their previous behavior. Personalization can help increase engagement and conversion rates.

Timing Your SMS Campaigns

Another important factor in the success of your SMS campaigns is timing. It’s important to send messages at a time when your subscribers are most likely to engage with them. For example, if you’re promoting a flash sale, you might send the message a few hours before it starts to give your subscribers time to plan.

Timing also involves understanding the frequency of your messages. Sending too many messages can lead to subscriber fatigue and cause them to opt out of your campaign. On the other hand, sending too few messages can result in your subscribers forgetting about your brand. Finding the right balance is key.

By writing compelling SMS copy, personalizing your messages with dynamic content, and timing your campaigns for maximum impact, you can create a successful SMS marketing campaign that engages your subscribers and drives conversions.

Analyzing and Optimizing Your SMS Marketing Performance

To optimize your SMS marketing performance, it is essential to track key performance indicators (KPIs), A/B test your campaigns, and leverage analytics tools for continuous improvement.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Tracking KPIs is essential for optimizing your SMS marketing performance over time. Klaviyo provides a range of metrics that allow you to track the success of your campaigns, such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

For example, if you notice that your open rates are consistently low, you may need to rethink your messaging strategy or adjust the timing of your campaigns. Alternatively, if your click-through rates are high but your conversion rates are low, you may need to work on improving your landing pages or calls to action.

Benchmark for KPIs in Klaviyo SMS Marketing | Credit: Klaviyo

A/B Testing Your SMS Campaigns

A/B testing is a powerful tool for optimizing your SMS campaigns. You can create two versions of a message and send them to different subsets of your audience. So you can determine which message performs better and use that information to improve future campaigns. This might involve testing different headlines, messaging, or calls to action.

Credit: Klaviyo

For example, you could test two different headlines for the same message and see which one generates more engagement. Or you could test different calls to action to see which one drives more conversions.

Leveraging Klaviyo Analytics

Klaviyo provides a range of analytics tools that allow you to continually improve your SMS marketing performance. This might involve testing different segmentation strategies, tweaking messaging to optimize engagement, or adjusting the timing of your campaigns.

For example, you could use Klaviyo’s segmentation tools to target specific subsets of your audience with personalized messaging. Or you could analyze the timing of your campaigns to determine the optimal time to send messages based on your audience’s behavior patterns.

Ready to Unlock the Power of Klaviyo SMS Marketing?

Leveraging Klaviyo SMS Marketing requires time and ongoing effort. And if you are struggling to get it all done with your in-house team, you might consider hiring a Klaviyo expert who can help get your Klaviyo SMS marketing up and running.

Copypower Media’s Klaviyo email marketing services are designed to help you maximize Klaviyo’s power without you having to spend hours doing it yourself. Contact us to learn more about how our fully managed Klaviyo marketing services can help increase your revenue and customer retention.

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